What Is Statement Jewelry?

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The brave wearer of statement jewelry usually makes a bold fashion statement with distinctive eye-catching accessories. These eccentric jewelry pieces are generally worn by women who are audaciously confident and who enjoy expressing their personal style with flair and poise.



Statement Earrings

Turn up your statement style with these 14k white gold diamond earrings.  You may opt to wear a more toned down style that does not out-do your necklace, because earrings generally come in twos.  Choose earrings that are unique in color, have a geometric design, and complements your face shape.



Statement Bracelets

This bold, yet subtle statement bracelet is an attention grabber with its unique braided twist design, delicate gold studs, and a distinctive large gold toggle clasp closure.


Made in Italy 14k Yellow & White Gold Bracelet


Statement Rings

A statement ring, also called as a Cocktail Ring speaks about your style; it will be the most prominent ring on your hand! Statement rings are generally large, glittering, and eye-catching.


14k White Gold Black & White Diamond Statement Ring


Statement Necklaces

Consider a big, bold, colorful necklace that will pick up and reflect light.  Because a necklace holds the most prominent jewelry position, it is frequently the first thing noticed.


Natural Gemstone Y Statement Necklace

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